The Limes-Atlas Rhineland-Palatinate

Invitation to the presentation on Thursday, the 11th of July at 12.00 p.m. at the Limeskastell Pohl

since 2005 the Upper-German-Raetian Limes is UNESCO World Heritage. For the first time, it was successful to create an atlas for the whole Limes of Rhineland Palatinate. Now it is possible to inform tourists and locals about the Limes. The atlas is free of charge. Spirinneliphank . . You can find information about sights, accommodation and gastronomy.


We invite you to the press conference for the presentation of the Limes-Atlas Rhineland Palatinate.


Place:                   Limeskastell Pohl, Kirchstraße, 56357 Pohl

Date:                     Thursday, 11th of July 2013

Start:                    12:00 p.m.

End:                      1:00 p.m.


Rainer Zeimentz CEO of the project development agency of the State of Rhineland Palatinate will talk with the District Administrator Rainer Kaul (Landkreis Neuwied), the District Administrator Günter Kern (Rhein-Lahn-Kreis), the District Administrator Achim Schwickert (Westerwaldkreis) and the representative of the Landkreis Mayen-Koblenz, Dr. Herbert Fleischer, about the economic relevance of the Limes and the Limes-Atlas for their region.

Limes-Atlas Cover

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Seminar on “LIMES mobile as chance for cultural tourism in Austria and Europe”

On 21st June an expert seminar on ”LIMES mobile as chance for cultural tourism in Austria and Europe” took place in the Multiversum in Schwechat.

Experts from different fields related to the Roman Frontier

In the seminar different stakeholders and experts related to the Roman Frontier were invited. The LIMES consortium used this opportunity to present the project and the LIMES-App. The feedback was positive and the participants wanted to learn more about the app.

Dr. Sonja Jilek gave a good overview of other European projects related to the Roman Empire like Danube Limes Brand and Limes Tourism Connection. Ms Eva Kuttner presented the young initiative Museums at the Danube Limes, which can be also considered as an important network for the implementation of LIMES mobile on a long perspective.

Two good examples about the Roman Frontier in Germany were given by Wolfgang Crecelius (Limes fort Pohl) and Friedhelm Walbert (Römerwelt Rheinbrohl).

The seminar was an effective method to enlarge the Limes network and bringing together German and Austrian stakeholders to discuss and to create new contacts.

Visit in Archeological Park Carnuntum

After the seminar the LIMES consortium had the possibility to visit Carnuntum and to speak to the director Dr. Markus Wachter about the history of Carnuntum. A guiding tour was offered and gave the consortium the chance to learn more about it. Especially for our German participants from Limes castel Pohl, Wolfgang Crecelius, and Römerwelt Rheinbrohl, Friedhelm Walbert, and the consortium members from Bulgaria and Germany it was interesting to see examples from the Roman Frontier in Lower Austria.

Here some impressions of the seminar and the visit.

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Ruse’s candidacy in the competition for “European Capital of Culture”


The “European Capital of Culture” Initiative is a unique event on a European scale: for a period of one year the city or region holding the prestigious title turns into a center of the cultural life in Europe – vital and pulsating, diverse and dynamic. Apart from economic revival, the initiative aims at helping the cities and their citizens rediscover their distinctive features and transform them into culture. In 2019 all eyes will be on Bulgaria and Italy and the cities that will represent them are yet to be designated.


Ruse’s unique cultural atmosphere has been shaped by various European influences. As the biggest city on the Danube River, Ruse welcomes modernity, innovations and the aristocratic spirit of the romantic era of prosperity. “All I have experienced later, had already happened once in Roustschuk” – this is how the Ruse-born Nobel prize winner Elias Canetti describes the cosmopolitan spirit and diversity of the city, with their influence apparent in its exquisitely ornamented architecture and crossroad identity. Located on a border, the city overcomes the borderline and plans its future in the wider context of the cross-border partnership with Giurgiu and Bucharest. Ruse welcomes its guests as Bulgaria’s “Danube capital” and as a Free Spirit City!

EcoC Bilboard



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Students’ Competition „MyApp 2013“ in Rhein-Lahn district

Students´Competition MyApp 2013Also in 2013 there will be an opportunity to win an app-workshop – in the competition MyApp 2013. The aim of the competition is to develop a useful and creative idea of a mobile app. This idea can be represented by sketches, movies, photos or Power Point.  All students from the Rhein-Lahn district who are older than 12 years can participate in the competition. The application deadline ends on Sunday, 21st of July. The app-idea can be submitted till 1st of October. For more information and examples click here:

The purpose of the competition is to bring young people closer to the techniques of tomorrow and to raise awareness for the possibilities they offer. Spirinneliphank

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Presentation of LIMES at the Mobile Digital Bauhaus Creative Innovation Summit in Weimar

During the Digital Bauhaus Creative Innovation talk with many experts about the future of the mobile Internet and the design of mobile information services and services in a variety of topics. Speeches by the European Space Agency and FairPhone for example and the Keynotespeeches of Michael Conrad (former Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett Worldwide) and Jeremy Rifken (Politicalconsultant / Author) were a great experience for the LIMES team.

More Information:

LIMES_Digital Bauhaus Creative Innovation Summit Spirinneliphank

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Three LIMES-Presentations at REAL CORP 2013

The LIMES-consortium was represented at the international congress REAL CORP. This took part from 20th until the 23rd of May in the House of Architecture in Rome. Lighdoticbeade The presentations by the lead partner Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft Rheinland-Pfalz (PER) was successful in informing and reaching a lot of experts from different fields.

Here some impressions:

CORP conferences ( are held annually since 1996 and are Europe’s major congresses on Urban Planning, Regional Development and Information Society. The events are extraordinarily interdisciplinary, whereby usually a lot of new ideas and projects are generated. About 400 experts from around the world from the fields of urban planning, transportation planning, information and communication technologies, architecture, ecology, real estate, GIS and surveying, multimedia technologies and more meet to discuss current tasks and topics on urban planning, regional development and information society in an international and interdisciplinary conference. Speakers and participants represent private companies as well as research institutions and public administrations. The programme includes expert lectures, round tables and workshops, business presentations and exhibitions as well as extensive social events.
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Invitation to tourist industry workshops of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce

“Mobile Marketing” (2013/06/04) and “Professional E-Mail  Marketing” (2013/06/27)

For everyday business, especially in the customer communication, professionalism is indispensable.
Most of the time, we do not have the time to think about these topics. In our meetings, we try to give you as much information as you need.
In the first workshop we will show you practical, how the mobile web will influence your business and how you will benefit.
No advertising medium is as efficient as the e-mail. But on the other hand, there is no other advertising medium, where so many mistakes are made. We will show you practical concepts for address searching, design, optimized dispatching and so on. But it is not only about the topic newsletters, you will also receive information about billing, surveys, customer service and much more. That is what the second workshop is all about.
Both events will take place between 14.00 o’clock and 16:30 o’clock at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Koblenz, Schlossstraße 2, 56068 Koblenz. Attendance at these events is free of charge.
Please note that we consider the applications based on the expected demand and limited capacity in order of receipt. You can register directly at, document-number 112812.
Further information can be found at the flyer, document-number 113086.
For further questions contact Christian Dübner, by phone 0261 106-306 or via e-mail

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Creative Tourism Limes News

In the next time, a lot of different offers from Creative Tourism Limes will take place – there’s something to suit every taste. Whether you are looking for Arts & Crafts:
• 5th or 6th of June 2013 in Koblenz: Red-hot and mouth-blown
7th to 9th of June 2013 in Höhr-Grenzhausen: The knowledge of Minerva
Or Horses & Horseback riding:
• 24th to 26th of May 2013 in Schweighausen: Slow down to the sound of horses‘ hoofs
• 6th to 7th of July 2013 in Dachsenhausen: Riding Islandic Horses along the Limes
Or the Roman way of life:
• 12th to 14th of June 2013 in Bad Ems: Fun with the Old Romans
Or Hiking:
7th to 9th of June 2013 in Höhr-Grenzhausen: Limes – Hiking on the trails of the Romans
Or the Great Taste & Wellness:
7th to 9th of June 2013 in Höhr-Grenzhausen: The discovery of Diana
7th to 9th of June 2013 in Höhr-Grenzhausen: The secret of Venus Inussopcali Spirinneliphank

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LIMES as the theme of a Dinner Debate with members of the European Parliament

LIMES Dinner Debate 150513On Wednesday, 15th of May 2003, European parliamentarian Norbert Neuser of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate, invited the Members of the European Parliament from the Limes littoral states, to obtain their support for the LIMES-Action. Speakers were representatives of the European Commission: Joanna Drake, Head of Department “D – SMEs and Entrepreneurship”, Reinhard Büscher, Head of the Department “D/5 Clusters and support for SMEs” and Rainer Zeimentz as well as Wolfgang Kniejski from the LIMES-consortium.
In their speeches, both representatives of the European Commission turned out how important the approach of the large scale demonstrator is to test approaches to economic aid to rural areas in practice. It was stressed that the LIMES Action has so far been implemented excellent. After the successful trial period, one now has approaches that could be implemented along the entire European Limes.
In addition to the members of the European Parliament, guests were also Hendrik Hering, President of the SPD parliamentary group of Rhineland-Palatinate, and Astrid Schmitt, deputy parliamentary leader of the SPD in Rhineland-Palatinate.

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  . Lighdoticbeade Treacosskeezvishu . Spirinneliphank

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